Lithops salicola 'Malachite'

The broad, fleshy, and flat-topped leaves of Lithops salicola ‘Malachite’ sport a mottled olive green and butter yellow coloration, accented by the intricate web of ‘windows’ atop the upper portion of each leaf, designed to let sunlight penetrate into the portion of the plant that resides underground. Reaching only a few inches tall and wide, ‘Malachite’ will grow a new leaf pair each winter, after which the old leaf pair will shrivel away.

Like other members of the mesembs family, plenty of bright light will help replicate the native South African habitat of ‘Malachite,’ encouraging healthy growth and ample white blooms during the summer and fall months. Like other varieties of Lithops, this cultivar can be tricky when it comes to water – as such, be sure to water thoroughly but infrequently during the spring and fall, ceasing to water entirely during the summer and winter. Extremely porous soil, such as a cactus mix with added perlite, within a well-draining pot will further shield against issues such as rot, as will ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface.

As the blooms fade at the onset of winter weather, stop watering entirely until the temperatures warm again in the spring – watering during this time period will likely cause the leaves to burst just as they are putting on their new growth! Until then, be sure to shield ‘Malachite’from freezing temperatures, which could otherwise damage the very water-rich leaves.

    NOTE: Every 2.5" pot of lithops contains 1-3 individual plants depending on size.