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Lithops hookeri 'Living Stones'


Native to the rugged and dry landscape of South Africa, Lithops hookeri 'Living Stones' have evolved to resemble the rocky ground of their native habitat. As such, these small succulents, in tones of red and brown, grow no more than two inches tall, with most of the plant living beneath the soil. As they mature, the clusters of very thick, fleshy leaves will come to closely resemble a bed of small pebbles.

In order to allow light to reach the portion of the plant below the soil, ‘Living Stones’ feature window-like panes on top of their leaves. As such, they need plenty of bright sunshine to encourage adequate photosynthesis. These plants can be tricky when it comes to water, as they require even less than the average succulent – in fact, too much water can cause their leaves to swell and even burst! Be sure to plant them in porous soil in a pot that allows for proper airflow and drainage, so that the soil does not stay wet for long stretches of time.

Further, ‘Living Stones’ unique growth pattern of utilizing the water stored in the old pair of leaves to build the new pair each year means that they require water only during the spring through fall months, and do not need water in the winter months as soon as the daisy-like flowers and old pair of leaves begin to shrivel. In the spring the new leaves will emerge, and you can gently remove the dead older leaves and resume your ‘soak and dry’ watering routine.

    NOTE: Every 2.5" pot of Lithops hookeri contains 1-3 individual plants depending on size.

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