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Kalanchoe luciae 'Flapjacks'


The broad, rounded leaves of Kalanchoe luciae ‘Flapjacks’ present both a unique coloration and a unique growth form. Reaching upwards and in parallel to one another, the leaves almost resemble a stack of pancakes when viewed from above – while the ombre pattern of lime green, yellow, orange, and red tones create a stunning display from any angle! Producing offsets readily as the plant matures, ‘Flapjacks’ is a monocarpic succulent variety – meaning that the parent plant will die after sending up its extremely tall bloom stalk laden with yellow blooms, thus allowing its progeny to take over in its stead. 

Native to South Africa and its bordering nations, it is no surprise that ‘Flapjacks’ prefers bright, hot, and arid growing conditions – indeed, it will display its best coloration when presented with all three of these elements! To best replicate its indigenous environment, be sure to provide bright sunlight, a porous soil medium within a well-draining pot, and adhere to a thorough yet infrequent watering routine, such as the ‘soak and dry’ method.

With each leaf reaching up to 6 inches wide at maturity, ‘Flapjacks’ is sure to make a statement in any home or garden. In turn, be sure to shield this tender succulent from frost, which could otherwise cause permanent damage to the leaves.

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