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Haworthia pumila 'Donuts'


With an upward reaching growth habit, the sharply pointed leaves of Haworthia pumila ‘Donuts’ feature a rich green base hue, known to flush to pink at the tips when exposed to ample amounts of sunlight. Most intriguing – and what gives this cultivar its name – is the pattern of bumpy, ring-shaped tubercles located across the leaf surfaces, which truly do resemble tiny white donuts! Reaching only a few inches tall and wide, this peppy cultivar is sure to make a statement in any succulent collection, from beginner to expert.

Though ‘Donuts’ will tolerate full sun conditions, it will be far more successful in dimmer settings – which is great news for most houses, which can often present lighting challenges for more sunlight-loving succulents! What it cannot tolerate, however, is overwatering, so be sure to counter this risk by providing a porous soil mixture, utilizing a well-draining pot, and following a thorough but infrequent watering routine such as the ‘soak and dry’ method.

An overall hardy specimen, ‘Donuts’ does require protection from frost during the winter months, to avoid permanent damage to the fleshy leaves.

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