Gibbaeum Album 'Parrot Beak'


Gibbaeum Album 'Parrot Beak' is a variety of succulent from the grouping known as ‘mimicry plants,’ this unique plant forms leaf pairs whose pointed shape does indeed resemble that of a bird’s beak – though in its native habitat, it camouflages well with the rocks and stones littering the native soil. While each plant will reach only a few inches tall and wide, producing one new pair of leaves annually, over time ‘Parrot Beak’ will send out numerous offsets that will create a mat of its intriguing, densely fleshy foliage that makes a perfect addition to container plantings or temperate rock gardens.

Native to the harsh climates of South Africa, ‘Parrot Beak’ will thrive when provided with a brightly lit but very dry environment. As such, a sunny windowsill coupled with a thorough but very infrequent watering is the best combination for success – and an extremely porous soil mixture, such as a commercial cactus mix with added course sand, pumice, or perlite, is vital to preventing moisture from accumulating and subjecting the already water-rich leaves to rot.

During the cold winter months, be sure to protect the chubby leaves of ‘Parrot Beak’ from freezing temperatures, which can otherwise lead to irreparable damage – and during the active growing season, you will be rewarded with daisy-like blooms that emerge from the cleft of each leaf pair!

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