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Aloe 'Partridge Breast' variegata


Aloe 'Partridge Breast' variegata, also known as ‘Tiger Aloe’, this small South African native forms dense, upright rosettes that sometimes appear as solitary plants, but are most often clustered. The well-defined, white leaf margins really pop against the darker green leaves, which also boast tiny, blunt teeth. The white spotting appears in horizontal lines across each leaf, lending the appearance of tiger stripes or the markings on the breast of a partridge!

Like most of its genus, ‘Partridge Breast’ prefers bright sunlight, and despises having ‘wet feet.’ To avoid this issue, be sure to use a porous soil mixture and a well-draining pot, taking care to water thoroughly only once the soil has had a chance to completely dry. Remember, these thick leaves store a lot of water for the plant to draw upon in between waterings! Further, be sure to protect ‘Partridge Breast’ from freezing temperatures, as it is not cold hardy.

In an established and contented plant, reddish-orange flowers will emerge on stalks from the center of the plant during the winter months.

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