Echeveria 'Neon Breakers' PP21406


Echeveria 'Neon Breakers' (PP21406) is an incredibly unique Echeveria hybrid, featuring leaves in tones of red, violet, and mauve with neon pink, crinkly margins. Vibrant in hue under nearly any conditions, ‘Neon Breakers’ only gets better when exposed to the elements, like brighter sunlight and cool (but not freezing) temperatures. Reaching up to 3 inches tall and 8 inches wide, this variety makes a stunning centerpiece in a succulent arrangement, or as a standalone addition to your collection. 

Plenty of bright light is a must to help this plant retain its hallmark coloration and compact rosette form, while great airflow, porous soil, and a pot with excellent drainage will help maintain its good health.  Thoroughly water ‘Neon Breakers’ only when the soil is completely dry, and take care to water the soil itself, and not the leaves, to help avoid dampness that can lead to rot. Hardy only to Zone 10, the tender leaves of this variety need to be protected from frost to avoid scarring, and extra care must be taken when handling this succulent, as its leaves are thinner and more breakable than many Echeveria varieties.

‘Neon Breakers’ will also produce pink flowers on purple stems in the spring, though it does not grow true from the seeds of these flowers, as it is a hybrid – in fact, this unique hybrid has even been patented, which is why a patent number follows its varietal name!