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Echeveria lilacina 'Ghost Echeveria'


These elongated yet broad leaves may fold inward slightly towards the tips, giving the loose rosettes of Echeveria lilacina 'Ghost Echeveria' an especially unique look. Most intriguing, however, is the color of the leaves, which feature powdery hues of grey, lilac, and green that appear almost white, courtesy of a very thick layer of dusty farina. Said by some to resemble porcelain, this variety can provide unique contrast within a succulent arrangement – or can more than stand on its own, adding a delicate element to any sunny surface within your home or outdoor space.

Native to Mexico, where it has been known to survive on even the most arid cliff faces, ‘Ghost Echeveria’s care requirements are simple but definitive. Plenty of bright light is key to both maintain its coloration and to prevent stretching of the stems, while a watering routine that mimics the drought conditions to which it has evolved will help avoid issues such as rot or pests. As such, be sure to utilize a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, and water thoroughly but very infrequently.

Take care to protect ‘Ghost Echeveria’ from freezing temperatures, which can damage the leaves, and in the warmer growing season you can expect to see delicate pink blooms emerge on stalks above the hazy rosettes.

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