Echeveria imbricata 'Blue Rose'


With especially floral-looking rosettes, Echeveria imbricata ‘Blue Rose,’ features broad leaves that swoop slightly upward, revealing a creamy pink upper margin backed by hues of rich blue-green. A layer of powdery farina further enriches this variety, which has been a favorite of succulent aficionados over the course of three centuries of cultivation – though take care not to mar this practical and aesthetic element with the oils from your fingerprints!

Each rosette has the potential to reach up to 8 inches wide, and the parent plant will prodigiously send out offsets, creating a layered and clustered look that is perfectly suited to both containers or temperate landscape plantings. The key to this ready growth, of course, is sunlight – so make sure to provide ‘Blue Rose’ with plenty of bright light in a location with ample airflow. Furthermore, take care not to subject this succulent to excess moisture, which can predispose it to rot. To avoid this fate, utilize a porous soil mix within a well-draining pot, and water thoroughly but infrequently.

Though slightly more cold tolerant than most Echeveria, be sure to still protect ‘Blue Rose’ from freezing temperatures, which can permanently damage the leaves. And in the spring, expect pink blooms to rise above the rosettes on tall stalks, adding yet another layer of color and texture to this long-beloved variety.