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Echeveria elegans 'Mexican Snowball'


The bright bluish green leaves of Echeveria elegans ‘Mexican Snowball’ take on a white, powdery look thanks to a very thick coating of farina – thus earning the plant its name! The dense rosettes will form a thick carpet of foliage as the plant begins to produce offsets, making this variety a stunning groundcover in temperate rock gardens or a high contrast addition to potted arrangements. When handling ‘Mexican Snowball,’ take care not to mar the powdery layer on each leaf with the oils from your fingerprints, as the resulting smears will not be able to regenerate.

Plenty of bright light is key to helping ‘Mexican Snowball’ retain its beautiful coloration, compact rosette form, and willingness to produce numerous offsets. Great airflow around the leaves and soil surface, a porous soil mixture, and excellent drainage will keep the plant’s roots dry and happy – and a thorough but infrequent watering routine will further cement this success.

The tender and fleshy leaves of this variety must be protected from frost during the winter months – and in the summertime, bright pink blooms edged in yellow will emerge on stalks up to 1 foot tall, making for a show stopping display of contrasting colors and textures.

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