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Echeveria 'Domingo'


A stunning hybrid variety with blue leaves so heavily coated in farina that they can appear to be nearly white, the large 10-inch rosettes of Echeveria ‘Domingo’ can brighten up any arrangement, rock garden, or sunny windowsill. With adequate light exposure, the leaf margins will also blush pink, adding to its delicate appeal. To retain its frosty coloration, handle with care, as the oils within your fingerprints can permanently mar the layer of farina covering each leaf.

‘Domingo’s massive rosettes prefer bright sunlight, which will not only retain their unique coloration but will also ensure that the stems do not begin to stretch, or etiolate. Beyond this requirement, the care of this unique succulent is simple, and largely boils down to avoiding overwatering. Porous soil within a well-draining pot, coupled with a thorough but infrequent watering routine, will help to shield against this issue. Beyond this, providing ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface will help to dry out any excess moisture – and making sure to only water the soil surface directly, rather than pouring water overtop of the rosette, will help avoid residual dampness altogether!

During the winter months, ‘Domingo’s fleshy leaves must be protected from cold temperatures below Zone 10. As the weather begins to warm in the spring, however, the plant will push new growth as well as tall stalks of pink blooms, known to attract numerous pollinators

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