Echeveria 'Cassyz Winter' Cristata

Size: 4"

This crested version of ‘Cassyz Winter’ features the same gradient of olive green, warm pink, and silvery blue leaves – but thanks to a rare mutation, the leaves cluster together in a broad, flatten growth form, instead of as individual rosettes. Both exceptionally rare and exceptionally unique,  'Cassyz Winter' Cristata makes a novel addition to any succulent collection!

While the condensed growth form of this plant makes it slightly more fragile to damage from bumping and jostling, its care requirements are largely identical to those of its more conventional cousin. In order to deepen the greens, pinks, and blues of its leaves, 'Cassyz Winter' Cristata requires bright light, such as from a southern or western facing windowsill. Because of how closely its leaves are clustered together, care must be taken to ensure adequate airflow around the plant, and to avoid pouring water directly over the leaves where it can lead to pests or rot. Porous soil with adequate drainage will help stave off these ills, as will watering thoroughly only once the soil has had a chance to completely dry out.

During the winter months, be sure to protect this rare beauty from frost, which could cause permanent damage to its leaves.

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    For more detailed information on how to care for Echeveria, please check out our Echeveria specific care guide!