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Echeveria 'Cassyz Winter'


With broad, fleshy leaves colored in a gradient from olive green, to warm pink, to a silvery blue center, Echeveria 'Cassyz Winter' makes an exceptionally unique addition to any succulent collection! Growing up to 8 inches tall and wide, this variety is considered a ‘tender succulent,’ and must be protected from frost during the cooler months. Most interestingly, it is the newest leaves that exhibit the silvery blue tone, providing a tangible indicator of when fresh growth has begun to emerge from the heart of the rosette!

In order to deepen its pink flush, 'Cassyz Winter' requires bright light, such as from a southern or western facing windowsill. Like most rosette-shaped succulents, care must be taken to ensure adequate airflow around the leaves and the soil surface, and to avoid pouring water directly over the leaves where it can lead to pests or rot. Porous soil with adequate drainage will help stave off these ills, as will watering thoroughly only once the soil has had a chance to completely dry.

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