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Echeveria 'Apus'


Echeveria 'Apus', a stunning and compact succulent hybrid is characterized by rosettes of lovely blue-green leaves, edged with bright pink along the margins. The pointed leaves spiral together to form nearly perfect, rather upright rosettes – though care should be taken when handling the leaves, as the oils from fingerprints will mar the powdery coating of farina that lends this variety its soft appearance.

To retain the shape of its tightly formed rosettes, and to deepen the pink edging along each leaf, be sure to place ‘Apus’ in an especially bright and sunny location in your home. Furthermore, take care not to overwater this variety, which could predispose it to issues such as rot. Instead, water thoroughly but infrequently in accordance with the ‘soak and dry’ method, pouring the water directly onto the soil surface instead of over the rosette itself. A very porous soil mixture, coupled with ample airflow and a well-draining pot, will keep the roots of this variety content – encouraging the plant to send up stalks of yellow blooms during the summer months!

An excellent, contrasting addition to succulent arrangements, ‘Apus’ must be brought indoors during the winter months in climates below Zone 10, as its leaves are not hardy to frost.

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