Echeveria agavoides 'Martin's Hybrid'


The long, dagger shaped leaves of this variety form loose rosettes that resemble stars when viewed from overhead, and are comprised of grayish green leaves with bright red spines at the tips. The leaves are both mildly glossy and speckled in appearance, lending a depth not often seen in other Echeveria agavoides cultivars. Reaching several inches in diameter and readily producing offsets, ‘Martin’s Hybrid’ makes an exceptional addition to succulent arrangements both in containers and in temperate landscaping.

Bright light is key to maintaining the compact growth and rich coloration of ‘Martin’s Hybrid,’ so be sure to provide this plant with ample sunlight each day. Beyond this, its care needs are simple – porous soil within a well draining pot, a thorough but infrequent watering routine, and consistent airflow around the leaves and soil surface will provide the foundation for a healthy, thriving plant.

During the winter months, take steps to keep the fleshy leaves of ‘Martin’s Hybrid’ out of frosty weather, which could otherwise lead to permanent scarring of the leaves.

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