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Dudleya brittonii 'Giant Chalk Dudleya'

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Size: 4”

The dramatic, almost spidery rosettes of Dudleya brittonii ‘Giant Chalk Dudleya’ get their name from the coloration of their leaves, which are a soft greenish gray made even more ethereal by a thick coating of powdery farina. The narrow leaves spiral out loosely from the center of the plant, and can create a dramatic swirl of color up to 18 inches in diameter. Native to the scorching cliff sides of Baja California, this specimen slips into dormancy during the heat of each summer, as an adaptation to protect against the sweltering temperatures.

Bright to direct sunlight is key to ‘Giant Chalk Dudleya’s success, making this specimen well suited to outdoor living, so long as temperatures remain well above freezing. Beyond this, its care is simple – plan to water thoroughly but infrequently during the fall, winter, and spring, allowing the soil to remain dry during the summer dormancy period. Porous soil with excellent drainage, such as a commercial cactus mix supplemented with perlite or pumice, coupled with ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface will go the rest of the way towards preventing rot or pests.

When contented, ‘Giant Chalk Dudleya’ can produce yellow blooms during its active growing season.


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      Size: 4”

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