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Aloe hemmingii 'Mosaic Aloe'


The unique dashes along the bright green leaves of Aloe hemmingii 'Mosaic Aloe' are the source of its name,  lending a remarkable appearance to its relatively flat, star-shaped rosettes. When provided with adequate sun exposure, the teeth and leaf margins will often flush a warm orange, adding to the depth of visual contrast. Reaching up to 10 inches wide, ‘Mosaic Aloe’ makes an excellent ‘filler’ component to any succulent arrangement, especially when planted alongside succulents with deeply hued, single-toned leaves.

An excellent variety for beginners, ‘Mosaic Aloe’ requires very little in order to thrive, and can even tolerate a fair amount of neglect! Bright sunlight is a must in order to retain its most vibrant coloration, as is a porous soil mix within a well-draining pot. Due to the immense quantity of water stored in its thick leaves, care should be taken not to overwater this succulent – a thorough drink only once the soil has completely dried through is an excellent starting point. During the winter months even more infrequent watering is appropriate, as damp and cold soil can predispose the plant to rot. Furthermore, be sure to protect the chubby leaves from frosty temperatures, to avoid permanent scarring to the leaves.

A contented ‘Mosaic Aloe’ will send up red flowers on tall spikes rising from the center of the plant’s rosettes, which are known to attract pollinators such as hummingbirds!

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