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Aloe castilloniae


This Madagascar native is remarkable for its unusual, densely low-growing nature. Reaching only 6 inches in height, Aloe castilloniae can eventually grow on to form a dense mat of foliage up to several feet in width! The kelly green leaves are dotted with maroon ridges along both their margins and their upper surface, creating an especially eye-catching appearance.

While this variety, like all Aloe plants, is known to be quite forgiving of neglect, it is possible to over-care for your succulent, especially in the form of overwatering. To avoid this fate, be sure to follow the ‘soak and dry’ method of watering, and ensure that your plant is housed in porous soil within a well-draining pot. Furthermore, plenty of bright sunlight, in combination with sufficient airflow around the leaves and soil surface, will ensure healthy, robust growth and will maintain the rich coloration of Aloe castilloniae.

When Aloe castilloniae comes into bloom, expect two-inch inflorescences to rise above the rosettes of the plant, topped with orange flowers. During the winter months, be sure to protect this succulent from frost, as it is not cold hardy below Zone 10.

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