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Adromischus 'Key Lime Pie'


Adromischus cristatus 'Key Lime Pie', also known as ‘Crinkle Leaf Plant,’ this uniquely formed succulent hails from South Africa. Its blue-green, wedge-shaped leaves are topped with a wavy ridge, reminiscent of a crinkle-cut French fry, and sport a lightly fuzzy texture. Hardy and easy to grow, the loose rosettes and offsets of this succulent can form a clump up to 18 inches tall and wide, making it a substantial addition to any planter or rock garden. For those who live below Zone 9, however, be sure to bring this plant indoors during the cooler months, as its chubby leaves are susceptible to frost damage.

‘Key Lime Pie’ thrives when given plenty of bright light, ample airflow, and porous soil with adequate drainage. Preferring slightly less water than many succulents, make sure to allow the soil to dry all the way through before watering again to avoid issues such as rot that can stem from overwatering.

This succulent will bloom in the spring to summer months, showing off tubular white flowers atop a long green stalk. Despite its fun appearance, ‘Key Lime Pie’ is toxic to people and animals, and should be kept away from curious children or pets.

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