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Echeveria 'Blue Frills'


A newer hybrid variety, Echeveria ‘Blue Frills’ sports powdery, aqua blue leaves. Unlike most other blue-toned succulents, however, these leaves each feature a slight wave along the upper margins, making the rosettes appear to be covered in frilly ruffles – just as its name suggests! The large rosettes can each reach several inches in diameter, making this variety a show-stopping standalone specimen, or a vibrant ‘filler’ component to any succulent arrangement.

In order to retain its coloration, and to avoid leggy stems, ‘Blue Frills’ requires a very sunny location. Beyond this, however, it is a rather low maintenance succulent, asking only for protection from excess moisture in order to thrive. To achieve this, be sure to utilize a porous soil in a well-draining pot, and to water thoroughly only once the soil has had the chance to completely dry through. Ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface, and never pouring water directly into the rosettes, will go the rest of the way towards a happy, healthy plant.

During the winter months, take care to shield ‘Blue Frills’s fleshy leaves from freezing temperatures. As the weather begins to warm in the spring and summer months, bell shaped, orange blooms will emerge above the rosettes, adding to this variety’s unique and festive effect.

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