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Echeveria 'Abalone'


A gorgeous, frosty green succulent coated in a thick layer of powdery farina, the near perfect rosettes of Echeveria ‘Abalone’ are a must-have in any succulent collection. When exposed to stress, such as direct sunlight or cool temperatures, the margins and pointed tips of each chubby leaf will blush a rosy pink, further adding to the allure of this charming variety. Reaching up to 6 inches wide, and readily offsetting, these rosettes look equally at home on a sunny windowsill, in a succulent arrangement, or nestled amongst the stones of a temperate rock garden.

Like all Echeveria,  'Abalone' requires plenty of bright sunlight to maintain both its pastel coloration and its compact growth form. Beyond this need, the greatest threat to the health of this variety is rot, most frequently stemming from overwatering. To avoid this fate, be sure to utilize a porous soil with adequate drainage, and thoroughly water only when the soil is completely dry. When watering, do not pour water directly into the rosette, where it can pool and predispose the plant to rot and pests – instead, take care to water the soil surface directly. Ample airflow will further shield against these issues, provided the air is not frosty – the leaves of ‘Abalone’ are not cold hardy, and will scar if exposed to freezing temperatures.

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