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Crassula 'Silver Springtime'


A hybrid of two other exceptional Crassula varieties – ‘Springtime' and 'Morgan's Beauty' – this stunner sports frosted, silvery leaves that stack up the stems in opposing pairs, and feature rounded points. The water-filled leaves are quite chubby, lending the plant both exceptional drought tolerance and a fun appearance. The pink and white clusters of star-shaped flowers will emerge from the tips of each stem during the spring months, and provide a stunning contrast to the leaf tones.

Care requirements resemble those of many Crassula, making ‘Silver Springtime’ an all-around low maintenance succulent. Bright to filtered light, porous soil, and a well-draining pot are the main keys to success, followed by a thorough but infrequent watering routine. The ‘soak and dry’ method, in which the plant is given a deep drink only once the soil has completely dried through from the last one, is a great starting point.  Ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface will further safeguard against pests, such as mealy bugs, to which Crassula can be prone in damp conditions.

Hardy only to Zone 9, be sure to protect these thick leaves from freezing temperatures, which may result in permanent scarring.

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