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Aloe distans 'Gold Teeth'


With rigid, bright green leaves dotted with raised yellow teeth along the margins, it is no surprise where Aloe distans ‘Gold Tooth’ gets it name! When grown in bright sunlight, the tips of each leaf will stress a rosy hue, adding to this variety’s appeal. Readily producing offsets and sending up spikes of pinkish orange flowers, the large central rosette can reach up to 18 inches tall, making for a substantial addition to any succulent arrangement or rock garden.

Like most Aloe, 'Gold Tooth' requires at least partial sun, though full sun will really help it realize its full growth potential. Care must be taken to avoid overwatering – so ample airflow, porous soil, and a well-draining pot are all on the list of must-haves. The ‘soak and dry’ method of watering works especially well for this variety, in which the plant receives a thorough drink only once the soil has had a chance to dry all the way through from the last one. While ‘Gold Tooth’ is very resilient, dampness can predispose it to rot, and its fleshy leaves are not hardy in freezing temperatures.

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