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Jovibarba heuffelii 'Beard of Jupiter'


Sometimes referred to as ‘Beard of Jupiter,’ Jovibarba heuffelii is quite similar in its care requirements and appearance to the Sempervivum varieties – the most noticeable difference being that, unlike the so-called ‘Hens and Chicks’ cultivars, it does not produce stolons. That aside, the coloration of Jovibarba heuffeliiis simply breathtaking, with each rosette comprised of shades of bright apple green, deep maroon, and coppery gold, with finely serrated white teeth around the margins.

Well-suited to life in the outdoor garden, Jovibarba heuffeliican thrive in climates as chilly as Zone 4 – meaning that there is no need to avoid frost for this spectacular variety! Indeed, the cool temperatures will help ‘stress’ the leaves to their most brilliant red hue, creating exceptional winter color within the landscape, especially as the plant matures and begins to form a mass of rosettes. Tolerant of everything from bright sunlight to partial shade, Jovibarba heuffeliican adapt to a wide range of conditions, though it is far less tolerant of excess moisture than it is of variations in lighting. As such, aim for a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot or location in the garden beds, and water thoroughly but infrequently to avoid ills such as rot or pests – with these few key tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the incredible, hardy display of color that Jovibarba heuffeliihas to offer!

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