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Echinopsis minima cristata


A rare mutation to the growth centers of Echinopsis minima cristata causes this South African native to form a swirling mass of bright green stems, which come together to form a shape akin to a mass of coral or even a brain! Covered in clusters of creamy colored spines that emerge from white areoles, it scarcely matters that Echinopsis minima cristata rarely blooms – for its unique shape is sure to catch the eye and spark conversation within even the most comprehensive succulent collections!

Despite its exotic appearance, this variety requires the same care as its more ‘normal’ cactus cousins – though be sure to handle with extra gentleness, to avoid breaking apart the whirling stems. Bright light is key to the most avid growth from Echinopsis minima cristata, as is a thorough but very infrequent watering routine. A porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, coupled with ample airflow around the stems and soil surface, will further replicate the drought conditions to which this variety has adapted in its wild habitat.

During the winter months, be sure to protect the whorls from freezing temperatures, which could otherwise result in permanent scarring to this unique cactus’s growth pattern.

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