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Echeveria 'Irish Mint'


Forming dense, mint colored rosettes, what sets Echeveria 'Irish Mint' apart is the unique shape of its leaves, which sport a long tubular form with upturned tips. Such a contrast to the short, broad leaves of many other Echeveria, ‘Irish Mint’ is sure to stand out in any succulent arrangement, in temperate rock gardens, or as a standalone specimen on a sunny windowsill!

Like most succulents, 'Irish Mint' has adapted a substantial drought tolerance, and as such should only be thoroughly watered once the soil has become completely dry. As overwatering can lead to issues with rot or pests, be sure to utilize a porous soil mix and a pot with adequate drainage to shield the plant against ‘wet feet.’ Bright sun is key to ‘Irish Mint’s intense coloration and compact rosettes, which can begin to etiolate in dimmer conditions, so position the plant near a south or west facing window to ensure the best lighting. When these basic needs are met, this variety will reward your efforts with exceptional displays of large orange blooms, rising above the rosettes on tall stalks.

During the winter months, take precautions to protect ‘Irish Mint’s fleshy leaves from frost – and during the summer months in especially hot climates, be sure to provide some shade during the hottest part of the afternoon sun!

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