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Crassula 'String of Buttons'


Crassula 'String of Buttons' is a fast growing succulent that forms nearly vertical branches stacked with pale green, triangular leaves. The offset pattern in which the leaves are stacked truly does resemble its namesake, and lends the plant a delicate appeal. In bright lighting, the margins of the leaves will take on a pink hue, adding a perfect pop of color. Reaching up to 18 inches tall and wide, the shrubby, slightly draping growth habit of ‘String of Buttons’ makes for a perfect ‘filler’ component in succulent arrangements, either indoors or within temperate rock gardens above Zone 9.

While 'String of Buttons' will put on the best growth and coloration in bright light, it can tolerate partial shade. This overall quite hardy variety is a great plant for beginner succulent growers, asking only for ample airflow, porous soil with adequate drainage, and thorough watering when the soil is completely dry. As an added bonus, this variety is extremely easy to propagate from stem cuttings, making for a great opportunity to add to your growing collection!

During the spring months, dainty pale yellow blooms will emerge from the tips of each stem, adding a layer of color to this already charming succulent.

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