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Crassula picturata


Crassula picturata, also known by the common name of ‘Tiger Jade,’ is a unique dwarf succulent characterized by its stacked rosettes of narrow, olive green leaves, speckled with red dots and edged in fine hairs along the margins. When adequately stressed, either through bright sunlight or cooler temperatures, the leaves will deepen to a rich maroon hue, upping the drama even further!

Like all Crassula, this variety has relatively straightforward care needs, the most critical of which are consistent access to bright light and protection from overwatering. As such, be sure to place this succulent in a sunny south or west-facing window, and pot within a porous soil mixture with ample drainage. Water thoroughly but infrequently, waiting until the soil has become completely dry before providing another drink – and take care to water the soil directly, rather than pouring the water over the plant where it could settle between the leaves.

During the late summer and fall months, small white or pink flowers will emerge from red buds situated atop a hairy bloom stalk, adding to the plant’s exotic appearance. As the weather transitions into the cool temperatures of winter, take care to shield this tender variety from frost.

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