Aloinopsis luckhoffii

Reaching only 2 inches tall and wide, Aloinopsis luckhoffii forms dense clusters of bluish green rosettes, known to blush purple on the tips when exposed to adequate sunlight. The unique leaves are quite fleshy and covered with rounded tubercles and white teeth along the upper margins. This South African native makes an exceptional addition to a sunny windowsill, adding both unique color and texture to any home.

Growing and flowering during the winter months, while remaining mostly dormant during the summertime, the biggest threat to a thriving Aloinopsis luckhoffiiis overwatering. Therefore, plan to water infrequently but thoroughly during the active growing season, while reducing this watering schedule even further during the remainder of the year – when in doubt, don’t water! Plenty of bright sunlight and adequate airflow are both must haves to further shield against rot and pests, as is porous soil with adequate drainage. 

When contented, Aloinopsis luckhoffii will bloom during the winter months, sending up daisy-like flowers in eye-catching shades of yellow, bronze, or even salmon. Hardy down to Zone 8, this variety is more cold tolerant than most succulents, but still needs protection for frigid temperatures in order to thrive.