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Echeveria 'Cubic Frost™' PPAF Cristata


Echeveria 'Cubic Frost™' PPAF Cristata is the crested version of Echeveria 'Cubic Frost.' Crested succulents are merely mutated succulents. Instead of producing more branches or stems, the plant flattens out and creates a wide, flat surface. This succulent is essentially a mutated version of Echeveria 'Cubic Frost,' which is actually a very rare find.

Crested succulents are super rare, but they require the same type of care as regular succulents. Echeveria 'Cubic Frost™' PPAF Cristata needs a lot of filtered light to morning sun, porous soil with excellent drainage, and thorough watering when soil is completely dry. These succulents prefer drier environments, so let them dry out completely before watering again and avoid leaving them in soaking wet soil for extended periods of time. Be sure to protect this awesome plant from frost in colder months as well!

**Please Note: This plant is not available for wholesale**

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