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Echeveria 'Ramillette' Cristata


This crested version of the Dick Wright hybrid 'Ramillette' features fleshy apple green leaves with red tips and margins – though a mutation to the apical meristems creates a growth habit that is wide and flat, the leaves clustered together in a solid mass of color and texture. In cooler temperatures, ‘Ramillette’ Cristata will ‘stress’ to even richer shades of red and green – thought it is important to note that these plants are only hardy to Zone 9, and need to be protected from frost.

While this crested variety is quite rare, it largely requires the same care as its rosette-shaped cousin – though gentle handling is a must to protect its unique clusters from breaking apart.  Bright light will ensure the best growth and coloration, and ample airflow is a must to ward off pests and rot from setting in between the densely packed leaves. Porous soil with adequate drainage will keep ‘Ramillette’ Cristata’s roots happy, but be careful to avoid overwatering and never pour water directly into the crest. The ‘soak and dry’ method, making sure to water until the excess flows from the bottom of the pot, will help shield against ‘wet feet.’

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