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Echeveria 'Cassyz Winter' Cristata

Echeveria 'Cassyz Winter' Cristata is the crested version of Echeveria 'Cassyz Winter.' Crested succulents are just mutated succulents. Instead of producing more branches or stems, the plant flattens out and creates a wide, flat surface. This echeveria is basically a mutated version of the typical 'Cassyz Winter,' making it pretty rare and unique.

Crested succulents are very rare, but they require the same type of care as other succulents. Give this echeveria plenty of filtered to bright light with ample airflow, porous soil with adequate drainage, and water it thoroughly when the soil is completely dry. Be sure to protect its fleshy leaves from frost and extreme temperatures as well!

**Please Note: This plant is not available for wholesale**

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