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Echeveria agavoides 'Corduroy' cristata


Due to a rare mutation in the apical meristem, or growth center, of the plant, Echeveria ‘Corduroy’ cristata features a broad, low growing mound of bright green leaves that each sport a long and narrow shape. As if Echeveria ‘Corduroy’ cristata was not already enough of a standout specimen, each of these leaves is tipped in a soft red spine, the color of which will only deepen when exposed to bright light!

Despite its rarity and exotic appearance, caring for ‘Corduroy’ cristata is similar to caring for any other Echeveria agavoides variety – which is to say, it is quite simple! Bright light will yield the best coloration and most active growth, while thorough but infrequent watering will protect against issues such as rot and pests. Be sure to utilize a porous soil mixture, paired with a well-draining pot, and provide ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface.

While ‘Corduroy’ cristata is an overall robust plant, take care to handle it gently when repotting, so as not to break apart its uniquely clustered growth. In the winter months, it must also be shielded from frosty temperatures, to avoid scarring to the leaves.

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