Echeveria 'Cante'


Echeveria 'Cante' is absolutely otherworldly in its beauty, with upright, lotus-shaped rosettes of baby blue leaves edged in shades of lavender and a fine line of pink around the margins. The often-solitary rosettes can each reach up to 16 inches in diameter, making for an incredible statement plant either on its own or within succulent arrangements. A thick coating of white, powdery farina makes ‘Cante’ appear to be glowing – though take care when handling the leaves, as fingerprints can easily mar this layer, which serves the functional purpose of protecting the plant from sunburn.

This Mexican native prefers full sun, both to retain its lovely coloration as well as to avoid etiolation of the rosettes. Beyond this, care is simple for this rare variety – a porous soil mixture, a well draining pot, and ample airflow are the key environmental needs, while thorough but infrequent watering will stave off issues such as rot.  Furthermore, be sure to never pour water directly into the rosettes, where it can become trapped and lead to dampness, instead watering the soil surface directly.

During the winter months, take care to protect ‘Cante’s thin but fleshy leaves from frost. As the temperatures rise in the spring, tall inflorescences of yellowy orange blooms will rise above the rosettes, adding yet another layer of soft color to this variety’s already unique appeal.

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