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Mammillaria stampferi


During the spring and early summer months, Mammillaria stampferi will appear to be more bloom than stem, as the large pink flowers – which feature a rich magenta stripe down the midline of each petal – will nearly obscure the plant itself when viewed from above! During the rest of the year, the bright green base coloration of this variety is offset by furry white areoles from which long, slender spines emerge, with a single copper colored, hook shaped spine in the center of each ‘starburst.’ Texturally, this specimen is simply unmatched, and is a must-have within any succulent and cacti collection.

Like most cacti, Mammillaria stampferiprefers full sun whenever possible. Though this variety is slow to produce clusters of offsets around the base of its 3 to 4-inch wide stem, brighter light will encourage the most prolific crown of blooms each spring – an outcome more than worth the effort of locating a western or southern exposure in which to situate this beauty! Beyond this requirement, the care of Mammillaria stampferiis quite simple. A thorough yet infrequent watering routine, coupled with porous soil and a well-draining pot, will stave off excess moisture and allow this specimen to flourish.

Hardy only to Zone 10, be sure to protect Mammillaria stampferifrom freezing temperatures, which could otherwise cause permanent damage to the stems.

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