Mammillaria carmenae

With an almost perfectly spherical shape, Mammillaria carmenaeis covered in conical tubercles sporting a vibrant green hue. At the tip of each tubercle is a starburst-shaped cluster of thin spines, which range in color from a creamy beige to a rich coppery orange. Relatively fast growing for a cactus, within the span of only a few years a contented Mammillaria carmenaewill form a cluster of offsets reaching several inches in diameter.

Like most cacti, Mammillaria carmenaeprefers bright light, though at least a few hours of direct sun will yield the best growth, richest coloration, and most ample blooms in the early springtime. The flowers themselves are diurnal, opening at sunrise and closing again at nightfall, and range in coloration from a creamy white to a dusty rose. While exposure to a period of cooler temperatures during the winter months can encourage more ample blooming, take care not to expose this variety to frost, which could result in permanent damage to the stems.

Another key component of Mammillaria carmenae’scare is to avoid excess moisture. To achieve this goal, be sure to utilize a porous soil mixture, a well-draining pot, and water on a thorough but infrequent schedule.