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Haworthia venosa tessellata


The extremely thick, sharply triangular leaves of Haworthia venosa tessellata feature a smooth surface with a rich grey-green base coloration, offset by a network of web-like ‘windows’ designed to allow sunlight deep into the leaves of the plant. The outstanding patterning, coupled with the row of white teeth around each margin, makes the tightly stacked rosettes of this variety a stand out within any home. Reaching up to 6 inches in diameter, the mature and contented Haworthia venosa tessellatawill begin to produce offsets around its base, forming a dense clump of its exceptionally unique foliage.

Despite its exotic aesthetic, Haworthia venosa tessallatacould not be easier to care for, and is perfectly suited for beginners! The ‘windows’ across its leaves allow it to thrive in low lighting – though brighter light will cause the plant to flush a warm magenta hue! Beyond this, its needs are quite simple, with a porous soil mix, a well-draining pot, and a thorough but infrequent watering routine providing all that is needed for success with this eye-catching variety.

Hardy only to Zone 9, be sure to shield Haworthia venosa tessallatafrom sub-freezing temperatures – and in the summer months, you will be rewarded with tall stalk of white and green blooms.

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