Argyroderma pearsonii


Often known as ‘Stone Plant,’ it is no surprise where Argyroderma pearsonii gets its name, as the rounded, smooth leaves very closely resemble pebbles strewn across the ground. The fleshy, silvery-green leaf pairs grow at ground level, and feature a cleft down the center – during the winter growing season, the new leaves will emerge from within this cleft, as will the large daisy-like flowers in stunning shades of white, yellow, or even purple! A slow grower, the plant may begin to product offsets as it matures, but will remain low growing across its lifespan.

Adapted to the harsh landscapes of South Africa, Argyroderma pearsoniiprefers bright light and minimal watering, as excess moisture can lead to rot, flabby growth, or splitting of its water-rich leaves. Its sturdy taproot requires a deeper pot filled with extremely porous soil, such as a cactus mix supplemented with pumice or perlite, accompanied by exceptional drainage. Like its cousin, Lithops, this succulent requires thorough but infrequent watering, decreased even further during the summer dormancy period.

During the winter months, take care to protect the fleshy leaves from freezing temperatures, to avoid issues with scarring.

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