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Aloe 'Orange Marmalade'


With flattened, star-shaped rosettes and deep blue-green leaves covered in bright orange dashes and teeth around the margins, there is no question where Aloe 'Orange Marmalade' gets its name! In bright light conditions, it is even possible for the entire plant to blush a deep reddish hue, adding to the drama of its coloration. Exceptionally drought tolerant once established, due to the water stored in its thick leaves, ‘Orange Marmalade’ will make an excellent addition to a sunny windowsill, a patio, or even right in the landscape, in temperate regions. 

In order to retain its coloration and ensure healthy growth, be sure to place this unique variety in bright light, or even full sun, conditions. Though extremely hardy by nature, ‘Orange Marmalade’ can succumb to overwatering, so be mindful of adhering to the ‘soak and dry’ method, as well as utilizing a porous soil mix within a well-draining pot. Protect the thick leaves from frosty temperatures, to avoid permanent damage to the leaves, and ensure good airflow around the soil surface to ward off dampness and rot.

During the spring and summer months, red, yellow, or orange tubular flowers will rise above the foliage on tall spikes, where they will be frequently visited by hummingbirds.

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